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The Seagull

Charm Offensive's dazzling new adaptation of Chekhov's classic.

Following a successful run in January - Charm Offensive's exciting adaptation of The Seagull returns to The Cockpit for a limited season directed by Gavin McAlinden.

The Cockpit Theatre

11-13th May 2012
Friday - Sunday 7.30p.m.
Tickets £12/ Concession £10

Beauty of the Father

The European Premiere of a new play by Nilo Cruz. Gary Kemp plays the lead in this wonderfully lyrical, funny and evocative piece by one of America's most important contemporary playwrights. Beauty of the Father is set in Salobrenia and deals with an unrequited love pentangle crossing two generations and the ghost of Federico Garcia Lorca.

Nilo Cruz is the recepient of The 2003 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


Misconceptions - by Dick Clement

A new short film from the multi-award winning comedy legend.

A white lie, a misunderstanding, and a police escort on the way out of one relationship, leads to the birth of another.

Paul can deal with his ex-girlfriend shacking up with a new man, he can even just about cope with her keeping his car, but chucking out his valuable collection of rare vintage vinyl is quite another matter. Paul, aided and abetted by ever loyal ally Ronnie and his trusty van, sets out to reclaim his beloved record collection, and with it the last vestiges of his self-respect.

Paul and Ronnie, ensconced deep into a stakeout in Ronnie’s van, observe as Jean-Francois, the handsome and exotic new boyfriend, loads yet more of Paul’s precious possessions into Paul’s ex-car. Jean-Francois only has to turn his back for a second before Paul seizes his chance to reclaim what’s rightfully his. But before even Paul himself quite knows it, he has leapt into his former car, and sped away up the street.

Paul’s initial jubilation at being reunited with his valuables lasts only as long as it takes for a police bike to clock him doing twice the speed limit. Paul panics – can you be arrested for stealing your own car?!  His mind reeling, he blurts out a lie that alters his future forever – his partner is about to give birth, and he was trying get to the hospital, desperate not to miss the birth. But to Paul’s horror the police officer, a devoted father himself, insists on giving him a police escort, all the way to the maternity ward. Paul’s distress reaches new levels when the police officer not only accompanies him inside but hangs around for the outcome. Despite Paul’s increasingly desperate attempts to duck out of his sudden and new found responsibilities, he has no choice but to go along with his own lie, roll up his sleeves and get stuck in – fending off an angry brother, he finds himself delivering the baby of a woman he has never met, and with whom he can’t even communicate, but with whom he becomes inextricably bonded.

A true comedy of errors, ‘Misconceptions’ looks at how one action, and a simple breakdown in communication, can change your life forever, in a laugh-out-loud film with a life-affirming finale.

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